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Immersion Course with Self-ligating Brackets


Currently, the greatest motivation of patients seeking orthodontic treatments is for aesthetic reasons.

You will receive all the information necessary to carry out your first case with the full support of our team of orthodontists in planning guidance.

You will learn the entire step by step:


 How to take the photos with your own cell phone for an initial analysis and during treatment.

- The development of malocclusion affected by inadequate breathing.

- The clinical bases of Self-ligating Orthodontics - MTB Philosophy.

- Presentation of clinical cases with tomographic evidence.

- Thermoactivated wires of biological forces - Bio-Peek.

- Mixed dentition treatments - orthopedic effect.
- Simplified lingual orthodontics - Lingual Clip System.

This course is especially aimed at those who are interested in learning to work with self-ligating brackets and seek to increase productivity without increasing fixed costs.

Development of Malocclusion

The mouth breather is a person who, for some reason, organic, functional or neurological, has developed an inadequate breathing pattern. This situation is a common respiratory disorder in childhood and implies an imbalance in the muscular forces of the stomatognathic system with increased pressure from buccinators in the region of the jaws.

Causes of mouth breathing and its direct consequences in the development of malocclusions

Once the breathing is changed, the organism undergoes a series of changes to adapt to this new situation.



Treatments with the MTB Philosophy

The Philosophy of Transverse Jaw Bioadaptation provides the recovery of the Natural-DNA Dental Arcade with an improvement in dental and facial aesthetics, returning functional occlusion to the patient.


4 clinical principles to realize the BTM Philosophy

Plataforma ZOOM.png


Digital Bioadaptative Bonding with Self-ligating Brackets



Thermoactivated wire with Biological Forces - Bio-Peek



Mandibular Deprogramming with Build up Superior Posteriors



Night Wear Light elastic 

Presentation of Clinical Cases with Tomographic Evidence


Simplified Lingual Orthodontic Treatment

Apresentação 3.001.jpeg
With this simplified lingual technique, there is no need for major clinical and laboratory procedures, and it can be performed in the office with direct bonding and especially at low cost.
An excellent treatment alternative with clinical results reaching the proposed objectives, mainly as an alternative for patients seeking treatments with transparent aligners.

3D Digital Plan

How is Artificial Intelligence changing the world and Orthodontics treatments?

The orthodontic treatment with Artificial Intelligence is digitally planning through a specific software program. We individualize the ideal place to bond the brackets and runs all the phases of the dental movements needed. So we can have high predictability of all the possible unwanted side effects in the digital treatment. That will help professionals see all the phases of the treatment before even the patient started the treatment avoiding any possible mistakes. And the patients can view the final treatment results through the high tech definition 3D images.

The clinical process is also very simplified, and the 3D high tech provides a virtual setup and flexible indirect bonding trays.


Título Agradável


Dr. Alan Rodrigues



Professors authors of 3 books on self-ligating orthodontics and several articles published internationally


Dr. Edison Sales


Dr. Fernando Gregorio

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